Inspiration comes in many forms but for local author Julia Doolin, it was her oldest son Timothy’s love of dinosaurs that sparked the concept for her latest book, DayDreamOSaurus.

The book tells the story of a child who thinks about dinosaurs all day long. The reader learns about six types of dinosaurs through colorfully illustrated daydream adventures. But one thing that makes this book unique is the character personalization option.

“For the child to see himself or herself as the character is so important for the reading experience. They’ll actually be able to see themselves and imagine themselves in this experience,” said Doolin, who has a background in school psychology and developmental psychology.

Everything in the book is written and designed to help the child absorb as much factual information as possible and to promote the development of memorization. Facts are presented in manageable bits of information in visual blocks and an imaginative daydream scene featuring the dinosaur follows each fact page. Local graphic artist Kristin Cater illustrated the book. More of her artwork can be found at

DayDreamOSaurus (for ages 2-8) is Doolin’s third published work but it’s her first children’s book. She wrote her first book, The Way of the Cross in 2013, which shares the inspirational sayings and mediations of Doolin’s friend who survived stage IV breast cancer and later published Trusting The Detours: A Spiritual Guide for College Students.

DayDreamOSaurus is available for preview at Village Washstand in Shreveport and can be ordered online at Doolin’s other books also are available on her website. To contact Doolin, email