Jeannie McCall has found refuge behind a pottery wheel for the last 14 years. “It’s a peaceful place where I can sit and completely lose myself in my work,” said McCall. “I can focus on what I’m trying to create and leave all worries and cares behind.” She started Pink Flamingo Pottery in 2012 and can often be found at a booth during festivals like the Texas Avenue Makers Fair and Highland Jazz and Blues Festival. Her studio consists of a quaint, little backyard barn-style shed that she and her husband, Duncan, fixed up the year her business got started.

She loves experimenting with colors and glazes and makes a little bit of everything. From mugs to vases and everything in between, McCall always has something new for her repeat customers to see. She is partial to bright, vivid colors that make her feel warm and alive. She also likes carving on her pieces for more unique details. Each piece that she creates is different since she never uses a template. Most of her work is made with function in mind; it’s intended to be held and used.

McCall only sells through word of mouth as opposed to having a retail shop or an online store.

“For me, initially, it was more about being able to get out of the house and do something that was just for me,” she said. “It was so invigorating to be able to make something from start to finish by myself.”

McCall is a Caddo Magnet High School graduate. During her time there, she wanted to participate in the pottery program, however she was also a band student and her schedule didn’t allow for another activity. Years later, she began taking classes through the City of Shreveport and hasn’t stepped away from the wheel since. She took classes for nine years and has been teaching for three.

Find Pink Flamingo Pottery on Facebook to stay up to date on her whereabouts and new pieces.