Georgie Ann Hensley, owner of Georgie Girl Cakery

A few short years ago, Georgie Ann Hensley decided to follow her passion and traded in her badge and gun for an apron and frosting. After moving around for her husband’s position in the Army, Georgie, her husband, David, and son, Thomas returned to Louisiana in 1985.

Georgie accepted a position as a patrol officer for the Shreveport Police Department in 1992, and in 1995 Georgie and her husband had their “surprise baby,” Anna. After Anna’s birth, Georgie worked as the first female investigator for the Caddo Parish School Board for 17 years.

Georgie has always loved baking and had a natural gift for creating artful designs. After her tenure as an investigator, she decided it was time to put her dreams into action. Georgie Girl Cakery opened its doors in Shreveport shortly after, and the cakery’s namesake is from Georgie’s mother’s nickname for her, “our Georgie girl.” Georgie Girl Cakery relocated to Stonewall in August 2016, and continues to specialize in wedding cakes, groom’s cakes and the occasional party cake.

One of Georgie’s specialties, and perhaps one of her all-time favorites, is her barrel cake — a cake that dispenses liquor. Her first barrel cake was created with the help of her husband after a groom requested a cake to look like a barrel of Jack Daniels. Georgie’s husband, much to her surprise, had been paying attention while she was watching Cake Boss, and shocked Hensley by adjusting the barrel cake to dispense Jack Daniels whiskey for the guests.

As Georgie explains to each of her customers, “Making a cake is a lot like life – you have to have a good foundation.” Georgie’s top priority is her family, and she not only has seen her own family grow closer together through her business, but she has enjoyed opportunities to bring other families closer to one another through special occasions.

Georgie’s specialized cakes help complete the perfect occasion, whether a wedding, birthday bash, graduation or anniversary. Order a custom cake from Georgie Girl by visiting their location at 2091 US 171 in Stonewall, calling 318.775.4097 or by messaging them on Facebook.