Rhino Coffee celebrated their third year of business yesterday, Aug. 20. The local coffee shop, located on Southfield Rd. in Shreveport, invited the community and their friends for a special birthday extravaganza event.

Rhino_twitterRhino Coffee serves as a cozy and relaxing spot for people to connect while grabbing their caffeine fix or a bite to eat.

Friends of Rhino attending the birthday extravaganza ordered their drink of choice and snacked on rhino shaped cookies with birthday sprinkles on top.

Local artists, shop owners, and brands were part of the celebration as well. The vendors displayed their unique merchandise for party goers to learn where to shop local, all while enjoying great conversation and coffee. Happy Birthday, Rhino Coffee! 

Find the local vendors on Facebook:
Pelican Parish Supply Co.
Day Old Blues Records
Vessel Vintage
Zombee Candle

Veda Rose
Natural Nirvana Jewelry

For more info on Rhino Coffee follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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