What: James Burton – Master of the Telecaster
When:  June 2 through Aug. 19
Where:  artspace, 708 Texas St., Shreveport
Info: www.artspaceshreveport.com
In your opinion, what makes a great guitar?

A great guitar is one that has an incredible tone and feel about it. If you feel good playing it and the tone is right, that’s the guitar. A tone of a guitar is like a person’s voice; they’re all different.

Why did you settle on Fender Telecasters as your preference?

For me, there is no other guitar quite like it. It was love at first sight.

Which is your favorite to play? 

My favorite is the James Burton Fender ‘3 pickup’ Telecaster that my son, Jeff, and I invented for Fender. Artistically, it’s an amazing guitar. Sentimentally, it was a family effort.

If there was a fire and you could only save one guitar in your collection, which would it be?

I would first save the guitar that my parents sacrificed so much to give me. Every time I play it to this day, it still reminds me of how my parents believed in me and it has an incredible tone. It’s the most requested guitar for studio work.

What is the emotional relationship between a guitarist and his instrument? Is it different for
different guitars?

It’s everything. Every guitar tells a different story.

How do you describe your style?

My own. It’s very important for each player to discover their own style and be true to themselves. Your own style sets you apart from others and, hopefully, encourages them.