SB: Why did you decide to go into the apparel business?

JJ: It just kind of happened, honestly. I’ve always done design and art and even in the past, cartooning. Apparel and prints just kind of became a way to get feedback and get a presence out there and see what stuck with people. I started with my previous project, Toomasooba, which was kids illustration stuff. That’s when I started participating in the Texas Avenue Makers Fair. It was a lot of good training for doing art shows and craft shows. Also, being the current Director of Digital Media at Centenary College has given me lessons that I’ve been able to apply to Pelican Parish.

SB: Where do you find inspiration?

JJ: The Pelican Parish line launched in March 2015, but a year before that I had seen a 1944 Louisiana license plate in a friend’s garage and I was drawn to the bold pelican design on it. I recreated it and decided that I’d do something with it one day. The bold, weird pelican became the launching point and it just kind of developed from there. What I really try to do is focus on positivity and the people here locally that are doing great things. I bring my brand to them and shine a light on those unique and authentic things they’re offering the community.

SB: Where did the name Pelican Parish Supply Company come from?

JJ: I wanted something easy to say and I like the alliteration in the name. It just sort of worked. “Supply Company” allows me to have flexibility to try some more unique things with the brand other than clothing. The expansion is a slow process, but I’ve got ideas that I want to move forward with.

SB: Do you have a favorite graphic/t-shirt?

JJ: The 1944 Pelican is the flagship of the five pelican designs. He’s my favorite, but I love them all. The fall line is coming out this month, and I’m releasing three new designs.

SB: Where can readers find your stuff?

JJ: Gearhead Outfitters, King Hardware & Gifts, Sportspectrum, The Agora Borealis, Martha’s Hallmark, Georgia’s Gift Shop (Natchitoches), Fine Line Supply Co. (Ruston) and Run Wild (Alexandria). I’ll be at the Texas Avenue Makers Fair on Nov. 12 in downtown Shreveport and at the Fleur de Lis Arts & Crafts Show on Nov. 26 in Natchitoches. You can also order online at