SB Magazine sat down with the owner of Lucky Palace Kuan Lim to Learn more about the Bossier City Restaurant

SB: Give us a bit of your background.

KL: Originally, I’m from Malaysia. I was traveling through the United States for a few months looking for a place to relocate. I was on my way to San Antonio and stopped in Bossier City. I prefer a smaller city and people here were friendly. So I stayed and opened Lucky Palace in 1997.

SB: What was your vision for the Lucky Palace when you began in 1997?

KL: At that time, I wanted to open a gourmet Chinese restaurant. I wake up every morning and try to think about how we can get better. You never stop learning. Competition makes you better. We try to improve every day. It’s about consistency and good service.

SB: Your location is understated, but the restaurant has thrived here for 19 years. How did you come to land here?

KL: This is a central location for me. It’s easy for customers from Bossier City and Shreveport to come to Lucky Palace. This is our only location, so it’s worked out. We even have some tourists come here.

SB: You have a reputation for having one of the best selection of wines in Shreveport-Bossier. Can you share that story?

KL: I knew nothing about wine. I just started studying and tasting a variety of wines. I would get up two hours early every day to study. I tried to learn as much as possible. It became my passion. Having a good glass of wine to go with dinner is a big part of the dining experience for me. We have wine dinners when dealers come to town. I want us to be as good as New York or Los Angeles when it comes to wines.

SB: What can we find in your collection?

KL: We have more than 3,000 bottles of wine. It’s really diverse. I update my wine list every two weeks. I’m always looking for value. We have wine from France, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Austria. Most of our [domestic] wines come from California, although we do have some from Oregon and Washington.

SB: Do you like red or white wine better?

KL: I don’t discriminate. My favorites are burgundy and champagne.

SB: It seems you still love owning Lucky Palace.

KL: I still enjoy it. To do your job well, you have to love what you do. I enjoy seeing our loyal customers, but I also appreciate the new people who come to Lucky Palace. I enjoy talking with our customers. My job is discussing food and wine. I’m asked all the time about opening a restaurant in Shreveport. But this is going to be my only location because I can do a better job concentrating on one restaurant. That way I can keep improving.


Kuan Lim Owner – Lucky Palace