As soon as cooler weather begins knocking on our door, the aisles of supermarkets and stores begin preparing us for fall โ€” aka Pumpkin Spice Latte season. What started as a simple trend with popular coffee chain Starbucks has turned into a marketing phenomenon where nothing is safe. NOTHING.

I’ve compiled a top 10 list of some pretty random pumpkin spice things I’ve found on Instagram of real (yes, real) items that are for sale this season. There is nothing #basic about this. If you’re a die hard PSL fan, you may already own one or two of these. If not, enjoy โ€” this season is for you!

1. Deodorant

As long as it fights the Louisiana heat, sign me up. Thought I can’t imagine sweating and what that would smell like.

2. Bread and Butter

While this may be one of the non-weirder items to make the list, the fact that there’s PSL butter is really what’s taking the cake (er, pumpkin).

3. Sweet Treats

This is where PSL went wrong. Twinkiesยฎ, cinnamon rolls, candyย โ€” it’s just too much. If I want something sweet, I’ll just go for the original.

4. Soap

This is right up there with deodorant, though I could see this being really great for at the office. Bathrooms beware, we’ve got a new hand soap in town.

5. Cough Drops

Because I want to remind myself every time I cough that it’s fall.

6. Breakfast

I could have thrown this in with sweet treats, but breakfast deserved a category all its own. From wheaty goodness to Cheeriosยฎ andย Pop-Tartsยฎ, PSL has claimed many of our favorite cereals and breakfast treats. I’ve even seen Belvitaยฎ breakfast bars!

7. Almonds

I think I’d rather just eat toasted pumpkin seeds.

8. Lotion

This has been a seasonal trend for a while and one I enjoy using all year round. PSL in spring? Sign me up.

9. Chapstick

Our editor here told me about this little gem. I saw it last year and have seen other folks online talking about it coming soon. One can only hope it makes it back for 2017.

10. Ham

What the hell is this world coming to?! #pumpkinspiceham #ijustthrewupinmymouthalittle

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The caption really explains it all.