Mark & Lisa Weaver
Weaver’s Christmas Tree Farm
2995 Jolly Napier Road, Shreveport, LA 71119

SB: Why Christmas trees?

MW: My dad and I noticed several farms popping up in the Monroe area and became very interested in the idea of starting our own. In 1980, we planted our first tree. That year, we planted about 2,000 trees and killed every single one. We went through so much trial and error at the beginning. It was a “learn as you go” type thing and we had a lot to learn. Now, we’ve got about 13 acres of land here and eight of those acres are planted with about 3,000 trees. We plant different varieties, but our most popular is the Leyland cypress.

SB: What are some of the things that go into preparing for the holiday season?

LW: Each tree takes five years of growing to become ready for selling. We plant new trees as soon as we sell the current crop, then we prune and treat those baby trees until they grow to full size trees. Then, we shape them into the prettiest trees we can. Our busiest time is in the spring when we’re running around crazy trying to care for each of these 3,000 trees individually. During that time, our son, Neil, is a huge help. We couldn’t do it without him.

SB: How many trees do you normally sell in a season?

MW: We usually sell close to 600 trees, which is just where we like our numbers to be. The most we’ve ever sold was 1,100 trees when we first started. That meant an overwhelming amount of work on our part. We want to keep things manageable.

SB: When are you busiest as far as customers go?

LW: Thanksgiving weekend is, hands down, the most insane weekend for us. We have to call in our team for that weekend, no doubt.

SB: What else do you want readers to know about what you do?

LW: Mark and I love what we do. It’s hard work but we wouldn’t trade it. We live on the property and I thought that looking out of my window and seeing all these trees every day would get old, but I realize now that I’ll never grow tired of it. I am in awe every time I look out at them. They’re just beautiful.