If you want to look spectacular and stand out from the crowd, then here are 10 fashion rules for you to live by. Master these and you’ll possess the building blocks for great taste.

  1. Honor thy tailor. Few men can wear clothes straight off the rack. Sometimes pants need to be shortened, jackets need to be brought in, and sleeves need to be narrowed. It’s the difference between being appropriately dressed and being stylishly dressed.
  2. Thou shalt dress appropriately for both work and play. Different events and different places require different styles of dress. Your play clothes should be worn separately from your work clothes.
  3. Thou shalt invest in the right timepiece. Even if you’re not a watch guy, you should realize the importance of wearing a watch on occasion. Do not wear the one made for the gym to the office and vice versa.
  4. Thou shalt match your belt to your shoes. Your belt and shoes should always complement your outfit, but it is equally important that they match each other.
  5. Thou shalt match your socks with your suit. If you’re wearing a navy suit with black shoes, reach for navy socks. If you’re wearing a light suit, make sure the socks are darker than the suit but lighter than the shoes.
  6. Thou shalt own good leather dress shoes in black and brown. Quality dress shoes are always worth the investment. Make sure that you’re set for the next decade by doing some research, and get some basic yet bulletproof shoes that you can wear with your suits.
  7. Thou shalt own several good dress shirts and wear them often. Crisp, slim-fit Oxford shirts are preferred. The more colors you have, the better.
  8. Thou shalt worship the tie and learn to tie it properly. A well-tied tie gives the impression that you’re a hard worker and a dedicated professional who pays close attention to detail.
  9. Thou shalt accessorize. Cuff links, tie bars, pins, watches, men’s jewelry, pocket hankies and sunglasses are just a few ways to put the finishing touches on your outfit.
  10. Thou shalt always remember that men’s fashion is relative. It’s hard to admit, but it’s true. If everyone you know dressed just like you, you’d want to dress differently. Rely on your own judgment and don’t get buried too deep in the details.