When that “aha” moment hits, don’t ignore it. Thankfully, Niven Morgan didn’t and now he is the owner of a successful line of personal care products and hand-poured candles, called Niven Morgan, that are sold in retailers nationwide including Neiman Marcus. Morgan has even developed private label products for companies including Rolls Royce and Ritz Carlton hotels and spas.

In 1998, Morgan was working in sales for a chemical company when he had the idea to start selling glass vases to grocery store chains. He was also trying to get his vases into Michaels craft stores when it occurred to him that his vases needed something in them. So, he decided to create candles and bath salts for his custom jars.

“It was just a total fluke. It was one of those ‘aha’ moments and I went with it,” he said. “We started with a candle, a bath salt, a body lotion, a body wash and a hand cream — all one fragrance and that was it. One collection.”

The one collection — called Gold — is still his most popular but he has added four other collections to his bath and body line as well as a candle collection and a men’s collection.

Born and raised in Shreveport, Morgan is now a Dallas resident but he draws inspiration for his fragrances from his travels, as well as the outdoors and his family farm in north Louisiana. He has created an entire candle line based on the places he’s been.

“My mother always made me take baths. It was baths, baths, baths. And I just got addicted to baths. Not showers, but bathing. It’s been kind of a joke. I just think everybody should take baths and relax,” he said.

Morgan’s advice to those wanting to start their own business is simple: Do it and don’t look back.
“So many times people have ideas but then they sit on it or they think about it or they forget about it,” he said.

“But this was one I just didn’t let go. The day I had the idea, I got out the phone book and started calling people.”

In addition to his Gold collection, Morgan has the Blue, Green Tea & Peony, Lavender Mint, and Jean Baptiste collections. Each fragrance is available in a body lotion, body wash, hand lotion, soap, hand cream, cologne, and shampoo and conditioner and more.

Niven Morgan products are available exclusively in Shreveport at Lewis Gifts, 5807 Youree Drive.

Owner Niven Morgan