Katherine Way’s clothing designs were born from two things: her desire to make dresses for women of all sizes and her passion for graphic design and marketing.

Way moved to Shreveport when she was 3-years-old and after graduating high school from St. Vincent Academy, she attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston where she earned her bachelor’s degree in graphic design with an emphasis in marketing and advertising. She went on to have a successful career working for companies like Turner Broadcasting, Great American Cookies, Honey Baked Hams and BAE Systems.

While working at the latter, she and other women struggled with a dress code that required employees to wear dresses with sleeves, a clothing style that wasn’t easy to find in an era of more casual fashion.

“That was always something that bothered us because if you wanted to wear a dress you needed to have a sleeve. Most women that are curvy, like me, you want to have a sleeve to cover your upper arms,” she said.

“So that was always something that I said — maybe one day I’ll design a great fitting dress that has sleeves.”

Setting the thought aside, it wasn’t until she was on vacation with her husband in St. Croix that the idea of designing clothing resurfaced. Looking to find a dress for a dinner date with her husband, Way went shopping at a nearby boutique but the sundresses she tried on were too tight in the wrong places.

Frustrated, she returned to her room and said to her husband Brad, “I can make better clothes for curvy women.” His response: “Well, why don’t you?”

With her husband’s support, Way set out on a mission to apply her expertise in color and design to creating clothing for women. She began by playing around with some items she already had in her closet and after leaving the corporate world where she had launched over 200 products for other companies, she decided it was time to launch her own. In 2012, Way did just that.

“I created it to make women look good and feel good about themselves and really to cover up all of nature’s flaws that we may have,” she said.

Way’s dresses are 100 percent made in the U.S. and are created using moisture wicking, cooling fabric with an SPF 50. After customer demand, Way launched a golf line in 2016 and it was such a hit that she won the 2016 PGA Top Buyer’s Award.

Katherine Way’s clothing is now available in 350 boutiques and 125 golf clubs nationwide. She now lives in Florida but she takes a trip to Shreveport at least once a year for a trunk show at Imelda’s Fine Shoes, Clothing & Accessories (4832 Line Ave.) where her clothing is exclusively sold in the area.

Owner Katherine Way