Hannah Wolfe has always had a passion for creativity. She jumps at every chance to use her imagination to spice things up. “No one remembers me studying in college,” said Hannah. “But they could always find me getting caught up in fun projects.”

Hannah designs unique pieces for home décor ranging from canvas paintings to mixed media art using what others may look at as ugly or trash. She uses oyster shells that she collects from several restaurants around town to create one-of-a-kind treasures.

“There’s something so inspiring about giving a little attention to something ugly and turning it into something beautiful. In my mind, it kind of represents people and life, in general. You find yourself in ugly situations sometimes, but it’s your job to turn it around and make it into something worthwhile,” said Hannah. “I’m clumsy; I spill things more than I’d like to admit. When this happens on one of my projects, it usually turns into one of my favorite pieces. I turn it around and make it into something unexpectedly cool.” It’s a challenge she thrives on.

Hannah’s art can be found all across the state. She has pieces in local shops such as St. Paul’s Gift Shop and Chateau en Mae. She does custom pieces and commissioned work as well.

Her favorite thing is to hear what her art means to people. This is what got her passion ignited even more. When she hears people tell her stories about what her art reminds them of personally, it makes all of her hard work worth it. “We get no pearls without pressure.”

Find Hannah’s art on her Facebook page, Hannah Wolfe Designs&Décor or on Instagram @hw_designs89.