Having been born in New Orleans and living there until the age of 13, culinary passion has always run through the veins of this month’s Guess Who. He’s resided in Shreveport most of his life, attending Centenary College for his bachelor’s degree which actually took him an extra year to earn due to the amount of traveling he was doing at the time.

On Par

His original plan was to become a pro-golfer, but his path changed direction when he met his wife at Centenary. He played the game until about 20 years ago.

Barbecue to Fine Dining

Our Guess Who spent a whopping 30 years in the barbecue business. He purchased a well-loved barbecue restaurant in 1979. When he tried to move the business to South Shreveport, he ran into issues with the new construction going on at the time so he decided to retire. His retirement lasted all of five measly years before he was ready to get back to business. His son graduated from Louisiana Tech University and became the chef at a Shreveport restaurant where his work hours steadily increased, topping out at about 90 hours a week which left no time for family. At this point, our Guess Who decided to come out of retirement and go into fine dining with his son. That was eight years ago, and they haven’t looked back since then.

Family Values

Our guy has a wife of 38 years and two children he is especially proud of — a son, who works with him, and a daughter, who is a priest living in Mandeville, La. with a husband and three children that grandpa is crazy about. His family is his most valued accomplishment in his life, while his restaurant comes in second.


Work Hard, Play Hard

Words to live by according to our Guess Who. His father instilled strong work ethic in him and he has done the same with his own children. He is very passionate about his work and says “when you love what you do, it’s not really ‘work.’” He loves all parts of his job, from meeting with wine vendors to running the lunch shifts to schmoozing with his regular customers.


He loves to make people laugh and is full of pranks. He is fun loving and a teaser but knows when to be serious. When he’s not working, he enjoys the occasional hand of poker and spending lots of quality time with his family.


Meet May’s Guess Who

John Montelepre, Jr., owner of 2 John’s Steak and Seafood.