Over 20 years ago, November’s Guess Who began her career at the Shreveport Regional Arts Council. Originally raised in the northeast region of the U.S., she made her way south moving to Texas, then Alabama and finally to Louisiana in 1982. In her role at SRAC, she ensures that the community has maximum access to the arts and she is more than passionate about doing so.

The Connection

This month’s Guess Who’s excitement for the arts began at the age of 12 when she attended a dance performance that, initially, she had no interest in. Following the performance, she witnessed over 2,000 audience members expressing overwhelming reactions to what they had just seen.

“The connection between the artists and the audience is what got me,” she said. “I couldn’t believe how the audience could be so transformed by the same experience. That’s when I knew the arts were for me.”

Movie Buff

In her free time, you might spot her at art events in the community, traveling, visiting galleries and museums and more, but her true love is the movies.

“My truest escape is sitting in a dark theater with a huge bag of popcorn and endless Diet Coke, and just getting lost in the story.”

“We Did It” Moments

She is most proud of the relationships that she and SRAC have developed that have formed a team of people who move in the same direction to achieve a great goal.

“I live for community ‘we did it’ moments,” she said. “Moments where we have finally accomplished the goal we set out to do.”

Fueled by the Experience

Nothing makes her happier than to hear someone say “I can’t believe I’m seeing this in Shreveport.” She loves that the community of northwest Louisiana carries so much talent and skill.

This Guess Who has 1,100 favorite artists.

“We have 1,100 artists in Shreveport that we know of and they’re all my favorite. My home is filled with local artists. My friends are on my walls.”

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