This East Texas native spent his childhood as a resident of Elkhart, Texas. He moved to Shreveport 24 years ago and has been planted here ever since. He and his wife are the parents of two children: a son and a daughter. They have four grandchildren all under the age of 5.

Watch Him, Listen to Him, Read His Words
You can find him on television every Sunday in four different states, and also hear him on two of the most popular radio stations in the area every morning during the week on your commute to work. His first book sold over 6,000 copies and he plans to release another book in the fall.

No Duplicate Days
No workday is the same for this Guess Who. He’s got a packed schedule during the week performing funeral services, counseling, doing media interviews and having his hand in project after project, such as mission trips and community functions. He also manages a large staff of about 100 people. He could never say that a day in his life is boring.

The Family Ranch
He loves hunting in his spare time and also spends a lot of time on his family ranch. The ranch has been in his family for over 100 years and is his favorite place to “recharge [his] batteries.” He has overseen the commercial hay and timber business there for the last 14 years.

A Mentor for Younger Generations
He aims to be “a positive voice in a world of negativity.” He likes to challenge people to think when he speaks and loves to mentor young people. He tries to connect scripture with what people are going through today rather than it feeling like it only pertains to a generation from a thousand years ago.

One of Many Life Mottos
“God prepares us for what he has prepared for us.”

March’s Guess Who is…

Dr. Pat Day, First United Methodist of Shreveport