From Tuesday through Saturday, this mystery woman can be found at a popular downtown spot preparing delicious (and beautiful) dishes. She’s an expert at her craft and has the resume to prove it.

Culinary Champ
This Frierson native won the inaugural Louisiana Food Prize in 2015, beating out other local chefs competing for the Golden Fork award. She fell in love with cooking as a young girl watching her mother in the kitchen. After graduating from Bossier Parish Community College’s Culinary Arts Program, she secured her first job as a cook at Macaroni Grill. She then went on to work at her brother’s barbecue restaurant in their hometown. “Cooking for me is just about the fun of it. No matter how busy I am, it’s always fun for me. I enjoy it on so many levels.”

A Wino
A lover of red wine (mainly pinot noir and shiraz), this month’s Guess Who has even considered designing wine glasses at some point in her life. “I love wine. When I go out with my friends sometimes I carry a wine glass with me.”

Dancing Queen
Have you ever heard the saying “she marches to the beat of her own drum?” That’s definitely true for this cook. At any given time, you might spot her busting a move at random. “I dance every day. There’s always music in my head so sometimes I just react to it. It focuses me. Whenever I’m in the hustle and bustle of something, I just tune everything out with a song of my own in my head. It develops a natural rhythm for me.”

November’s Guess Who is…Chef Tootie Morrison from Abby Singer’s Bistro.