Shreveport Native

Born and raised in Shreveport, August’s Guess Who has been interested in music for as long as she can remember. She has sung in church since she was only 4-years-old and hasn’t stopped performing since. She can often be found behind the piano and microphone at Superior’s Steakhouse with nerves of steel (unless she’s singing the National Anthem—“that’s the most difficult song ever to perform”).


This Shreveport icon loves 70s classics. She says it’s where the “real music” was, and she can’t get enough of it. She’s also very inspired musically and artistically by musicians John Legend and Gavin DeGraw who both ooze talent, she said. “They are true artists. They write their own music and play instruments. I really admire that in any musician.”

Self-Proclaimed Nerd

Our self-motivated and determined, type-A Guess Who absolutely loved school. So much so, that even after graduation she admits to ordering a textbook just to learn more. She graduated from Evangel Christian Academy and went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Northwestern State University in Natchitoches. She’s most proud of earning her degree because she’s been dealing with health issues for seven years now but was able to move past the challenge and stress of college in order to graduate.

Spare Time

In between performances, she loves to exercise. She said even though she’s not very good, she really enjoys tennis. She can also waste many hours watching Netflix and she enjoys church activities at Shreveport Community Church where she is an active member. This Guess Who loves playing piano but also plays a little acoustic guitar and definitely plans to dive further into it soon.

Advice to Other Musicians

“Be sure you surround yourself with a team of trustworthy people. It’s easy to get taken advantage of in this world. You need loyal people around you to keep you on the right path.”

July’s Guess Who Is…

Josh Ellis, owner of Spinner Entertainment in Shreveport.