By DeShonna Johnson

Mary Ann and Terry Elston acquired two-acres of prime real estate in the heart of Shreveport six years ago with the idea of building their dream home. Their project required patience, time and a lot of creativity, but the Elstons couldn’t be happier with the results of their custom-built home.

Then again, it helps when you are experts in the field –– Terry builds custom homes and Mary Ann owns a design company. Together, they have more than 30 years experience in the construction business.

When the Elstons asked architect Ben Patterson to create plans for their new home, there was only one criteria –– function over form.

“Our goal really for building the house was just function for our family,” Mary Ann said. “We live our lives a bit differently from other families. We have lots of people coming in and out of our house — kids, siblings, extended families, church friends — and that’s just our lifestyle, so I think the most important thing was function.”

Every decision that went into building the six-bedroom house came with careful thought, including the Marvin Lift and Slide door that opens to connect the game room and outside patio, the wormy chestnut floors that make up at least 4,000 square feet of the house and the Francois mantle that sits in the living room. Every detail, from painting, to tiles to cabinetry, are what make the house special. Kudos goes to Mary Ann’s business –– Kitchen and Bath Cottage.

“I would say of all the things that makes [the house] special, the cabinetry and the tiling that the designers — April Sharlow, Kori Shurley and Mary Patten — from Kitchen and Bath Cottage placed in the house is truly special,” Mary Ann said. “I give them and the tile installer, Ronnie Burgess of Precision Tile, all the credit.”

Even though the couple only has been in the house for a few weeks, they are pleased with their new home, especially the pool and outside patio that they use frequently. The pool itself is one-of-a-kind, with a wading area for kids, volleyball area and a section for deep-water diving. Like the home, the Waterscapes-designed pool, was all about function over form, although the form is pretty terrific, as well.

“I’m very pleased how [our project] turned out,” Terry said. “We love the house.”

The Elston Home

6 bedrooms

6 ½ bathrooms

9,000 + square feet