Dog Friendly Businesses in the SBC

By Jordan Ray

It’s no new fact that people LOVE their dogs. They’re the new toddlers. So it’s no surprise that people want their dogs with them whenever they can take their fur-babies along for an adventure.

I had the idea for this blog when I was walking through a store. I noticed in an older woman’s cart, not a cute throw pillow, or to-die-for lamp, but a dog. A gentleman walked by her and said, “I wish someone would push me around in a cart like that”, to which the woman replied, “Oh she goes everywhere with me. When my kids moved out, she became my child.” Now, the store I was is NOT a pet friendly store. I’m sure this woman’s pooch had just been over looked by the staff. However, it got me thinking, where can you take your dog without backlash from the store’s owner or employees?


I found an article of a list of dog-friendly stores across America that are famous for being pet-friendly (some stores may not be according to management or ownership, so ALWAYS ask before you bring your dog in!) Some pet-friendly stores that are here in the SBC are home improvement stores such as Home Depot,  and Tractor Supplies, where your pooch is more than welcome to take a ride in a cart or walk through the garden center to smell the roses with you.  Lowe’s put out a Facebook message in May of 2015 that stated they are no longer a pet-friendly store, so Lowe’s is a no-go for Fido.


However, there are some local businesses where your fur-baby is more than welcome. The patio at Rhino coffee is very dog-friendly. Here’s my Madi enjoying a Sunday morning coffee run with me and my husband.

Also, Flying Heart Brewing has a dog-friendly patio where your pooch can cool off with a bowl of water while you cool off with a cold beer.

While a lot of businesses are dog-friendly, always use your discretion when bringing your fur-baby along with you. If your dog is not well trained on a leash, is skittish around strangers or other dogs, or is aggressive, please do not bring your dog into a situation where your dog or someone else could be uncomfortable or get hurt. And you wouldn’t bring a guest to a party that is uninvited, so please check with businesses before you bring your pup with you into a store.

I hope you enjoyed this pet-friendly post!

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