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Shelly is a culinary dietitian, TV personality, and the author of ‘Eat Well and Be Fabulous: A Guide for the Modern Day Woman.' Shelly’s delicious recipes have been featured in Men’s Fitness, Self, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Buzzfeed. You will find her embracing her Cajun roots in her kitchen while preparing simple and tasteful Louisiana style dishes in her kitchen, for her ‘Yankee’ husband, daughter, son, and 2 cats, Gizmo and Theodore Roosevelt.
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Caramel & Dark Chocolate Apple Dipping Station
5 months ago

Caramel & Dark Chocolate Apple Dipping Station

It’s the time of the year where we make sure to have the perfect juicy turkey, grandma’s incredible stuffing recipe, and space in the oven for our famous green bean …
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Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte Dip
6 months ago

Skinny Pumpkin Spice Latte Dip

Hi friends!

Anyone notice the obsession we have with pumpkin? Since August (yes, I have seen the pumpkin obsession start in August) I seem to stumble on more and more …
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Skinny Monster Cookie Dough Dip
7 months ago

Skinny Monster Cookie Dough Dip


Ghost, goblins, and witches are walking our streets,
With lots of sugar and treats that are not so sweet.
’s a Halloween loving person to do?
How about we
‘skinny’ a great dessert dip,
Then you can say the magic word boo!

Walking up and down the isles of our favorite stores, we are bombarded with chocolate and sugary treats as this reminds us Halloween is no longer a ‘trick-or-treat’ for the kids. We now have parties to attend where we are tempted with the sugary sweet candy.

It’s no secret I love a dessert, and we gave our edible cookie dough a ‘skinny’ twist with the following simple tricks:

  • By using a light cream cheese, we are saving over 1/3 the fat in our product.
  • We replaced our butter with applesauce thus saving us calories.
  • By replacing our sugar with marshmallow cream, we are saving over 380 calories.
  • By replacing flour with oats, we are increasing the fiber count and decreasing net carbs.
  • Serving the dip with apple slices not only adds a great crunch, but it also increases our fiber count.

Why do we want to increase the fiber in our products? Remember, fiber is our secret weight loss weapon in keeping us full so we don’t reach for high sugar treats at our Halloween parties.


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Skinny Cranberry Limeade Mimosa
1 year ago

Skinny Cranberry Limeade Mimosa

Use your cranberries in a ‘skinny’ toast to close out 2015 with my Skinny Cranberry Limeade Mimosa.

Cranberries are a popular part of our New Year’s festivities, and a wonderful …
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Skinny Southern Pimento Cheese
2 years ago

Skinny Southern Pimento Cheese

Welcome to tailgating season! From Friday night football, to college game day, to NFL Sunday, we are bound to host or attend one tailgating party this fall.

The most popular item at a tailgating party – chips and dip. The cream, the crunch, and the calories! Our traditional chips and dip can yield over 200 calories, and that is just the dip.

What’s a southern tailgater to do? We ‘skinny’ a favorite – Pimento Cheese. This dip is my staple when hosting any tailgating cooking demo and contains a few ‘skinny’ secrets. We saved a ton of fat and calories by replacing the regular mayo with a combination of light mayo and Greek yogurt. Not only are we saving calories, but our Greek yogurt adds protein and calcium without losing great flavor.

As for the chips? Look for a high-fiber chip – 5 grams of fiber or higher. My favorite? Beanitos.

Trust me, your guests will not notice the difference.

Geaux Team Skinny!

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