Physical Therapy

Specialists Physical Therapist:
Dale McPhearson, PT, DPT, MTC
Director, Specialists Physical Therapy
Kelly Daniels, PT, DPT
Specialists Physical Therapist
Rachel Spivey, PT, DPT, OCS, MTC

What is Specialists Physical Therapy?

Specialists Physical Therapy is part of Specialists Hospital Shreveport and offers both inpatient and outpatient physical therapy to Specialists Patients and any/all patients seeking physical therapy. Physical Therapy is a key component to any patient recovering from an injury and/or preparing or rehabbing following a surgery.

What is Specialists Inpatient Physical Therapy?

Specialists Inpatient Physical Therapy works with our patients during their stay in the hospital following surgery. The inpatient team will work with the Specialists Nursing Team and your Specialists Surgeon to assist you in a healthy recovery and prepare you for discharge from the hospital. As an orthopedic and spine hospital, the inpatient physical therapy team is a critical part to assisting patients with their post operative exercises while insuring utilization of the proper body mechanics and techniques to expedite a healthy recovery at home.

What is Specialists Outpatient Physical Therapy?

The Specialists Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic encompasses over 14,000 square feet, including a therapy/lap pool. This state of the art clinic is available to Specialists patients and to any individual seeking a customized and unique treatment plan. Specialists Physical Therapy Director, Dale McPhearson, says “This is not a cookie cutter approach to physical therapy… we really look at the goals and challenges faced by our patients and create treatment plan that will see them through their recovery and for many years to come.” McPhearson goes on to say, “A lot of the time, it’s about introducing the patient to to the proper body mechanics and teaching them a new healthier approach.”

Do you have to have a prescription for physical therapy?

No. Louisiana is a Direct Access State, meaning that a patient may seek physical for up to 30 days without a medical referral or previous medical diagnosis. After that 30 days, if the patient wishes to continue treatment /physical therapy, the patient must seek a medical referral and proper medical diagnosis from a physician to continue treatment/physical therapy.

Does Specialists Physical Therapy offer dry needling?

Yes. Dry needling is a technique performed by trained physical therapists to treat pain triggered by muscular irritation. The technique utilizes “dry” needles that are inserted into the muscles and tissues designated as “trigger” points to relieve myofascial pain. Dry needling has proved particularly helpful to those suffering from neck, back and joint pain and has been utilized by long distance runners for years before and after races.

What are the most common treatment plans utilized at Specialists Physical Therapy?

The most common complaint is neck and back pain. According to McPhearson, one of the biggest obstacles is overcoming bad habits and practice. “Many patients have just become accustomed to moving a certain way and that movement has caused unnecessary strain on their spine and other joints… introducing patients to proper body mechanics and movement is essential to a healthy recovery and life.”