Specialists Hospital Shreveport
Michael Acurio, MD, David Adams, MD, Steven Atchison, MD, David Cavanaugh, MD, Peter Campbell, MD, Ellis O’Neal Cooper, MD, Stephen Cox, MD, David Googe, MD, G. Michael Haynie, MD,  J. Marshall Haynie, MD, Val Irion, MD, Euby J. Kerr III, MD, Rama Letchuman, MD, James Lillich, MD, Kathleen Majors, MD, Clinton McAlister, MD, Marion Milstead, MD, Matthew Mosura, MD, Ross Nelson, MD, Pierce Nunley, MD, Andrew Utter, MD

What is Specialists Hospital Shreveport?

Located at the corner of Line and Jordan in Shreveport, La., Specialists Hospital Shreveport, is the only hospital in Louisiana that focuses solely on orthopedic, spine and interventional pain management. Proudly physician owned, Specialists Hospital Shreveport is home to 21 of the leading physicians in the fields of orthopedic, spine, pain management and physical medicine. In addition to celebrating their 10 year anniversary in July 2017, the Specialists Physicians and staff are encouraged and excited by their continued growth and success. In March 2016, they opened a new state of the art inpatient wing, adding 14 observation beds and in Summer 2017 will relocate Specialists Interventional Pain Management to their 1534 Elizabeth Ave. location. Specialists is quickly becoming North Louisiana’s premier destination for orthopedic and spine surgery.

What clinics are associated with Specialists Hospital Shreveport?

Specialists Hospital Shreveport, Orthopedic Specialists of Louisiana, Spine Institute of Louisiana, Pain Care Consultants and Electrodiagnostic Medicine make up Specialists Health System—comprehensive orthopedic and spine care all under one roof. In addition, Specialists Hospital Shreveport operates a full service pharmacy and an outpatient physical therapy clinic at the the Shreveport campus.

What are the most common surgical procedures at Specialists Hospital Shreveport?

Specialists Hospital Shreveport performs both outpatient (same day surgery) and inpatient procedures (stay overnight or longer). Common outpatient procedures include: knee and shoulder scopes, carpal tunnel release and rotator cuff repair. Common inpatient procedures include: total joint replacement (knee and hip), neck and back surgeries. With greater advancements in orthopedic and spine surgeries, Specialists is looking for more opportunities to patients to pursue same day total joint replacement and partial knee replacement.

What are some of the the latest advancements in orthopedic and spine surgery?

Without a doubt, one of the greatest innovations in orthopedic surgery has been the introduction of robotics to total joint replacement surgery. As Specialist surgeon, Steven Atchison, MD will tell you, “Robotics and orthopedic surgery are a natural pairing.” In 2010, Specialists Hospital Shreveport was the first hospital in Louisiana and 40th in the Nation to purchase and utilize the Mako Robotic Arm Assisted System and in the same year, Dr. Atchison would be the first surgeon in Louisiana to perform the Mako Robotic Partial Knee replacement. In December 2016, Dr. Atchison would go on to be the first surgeon to perform the Mako Total Robotic Knee Replacement. Currently, Steven Atchison, MD, David Googe, MD, Val Irion, MD and G. Michael Haynie, MD all utilize Mako technology at Specialists Hospital Shreveport. Bringing this type of innovation and technology to Specialists is forefront to these physician owners because it means offering their patients better options and ultimately better outcomes.