Teaching your child responsibility begins at home, and there’s no better way to start them on the right track than to give them tasks to help out around the house. Here is a guide to help you assign age-appropriate chores to your child. See below or download the chore chart here.

 Ages 2 to 3

Neatly stack books and magazines
Put dirty clothes in the hamper
Put toys away
Clean up minor spills
Fill pet’s food dish or water dish

Ages 4 to 5

All previous chores
Use hand-held vacuum to clean up small messes
Unload plastic kitchen utensils from dishwasher
Clear off dinner table
Bring in the mail
Make their bed
Help with the garden or yard by pulling weeds or watering flowers
Empty trash cans
Fold towels

Ages 6 to 7

All previous chores
Sweep floors
Sort and fold laundry
Rake leaves
Set and clear off dinner table

Ages 8 to 9

All previous chores
Load dishwasher
Take dog for a walk
Put away groceries
Put away own laundry
Mop floors
Take out trash
Unload dishwasher
Help with meal prep

Aged 10 and Older

All previous chores
Load dishwasher/wash dishes
Wash windows
Clean bathroom
Do/fold laundry
Clean kitchen
Change bed sheets
Mow the yard