When you don’t know what Christmas gift to get for the man in your life, these ‘Of-the-Month’ subscriptions won’t require any wrapping on your part. Simply sign-up and viola you’re done. Let them take care of the rest.

  1. The Original Craft Beer ClubThis club features small-production, independent brewers that are primarily based throughout the US, The Original Craft Beer Club rotates between 12 world-class, unique craft beers and includes a monthly summary detailing him the beer’s history. All the beers are traditionally brewed by regional methods and personally handpicked giving him the opportunity to taste unique beers that aren’t readily available at his local watering hole. craftbeerclub.com, $39
  2. Trunk Club The Trunk Club is a great gift for the guy that doesn’t have the time (or the ability) to shop for his own outfits. They simply pick out a selection of clothes, send them in a packaged trunk, and allow him to pick out whatever he wants to keep (which he will purchase). They even have a pre-paid label that allows back whatever he doesn’t want (all of it if necessary). trunkclub.com, Membership is free; prices vary based on what he keeps.
  3. Birchbox Birchbox men’s boxes are filled with all the things that men like, but don’t always want to go out and buy. They send things from sunglasses to shaving cream to customized phone covers, all hand-picked to be unique and to dovetail nicely with his unique lifestyle. Birchbox.com, $20
  4. Bespoke Post Featuring monthly themed products — Bespoke Post will give each subscriber a heads-up about each limited-edition shipment allowing them to approve that month’s surprise of goodies. They company’s procurers span the globe looking for unique and interesting items. If none can be found, they custom make their own – anything from philosophical delights to car detailing. bespokepost.com, Prices vary … plans starting at $55
  5. Manpacks This service is for the man who doesn’t want to deal with those annoying personal hygiene items that you have to buy each month (i.e. soaps, deodorants, shave creams, socks, and undershirts, etc). Manpacks lets you choose the personality/style of the guy subscribing and then sends them to him each month. manpacks.com, Prices vary … plans starting at $20
  6. Zockster If he’s never tried a pair of bamboo socks, you owe it to him to try out Zockster. They’ll send him socks every month so that’s one less thing he will have to worry about. The quality is amazing, they’re super soft, they whisk moisture from your feet, and they’re even naturally antibacterial (which is hygienically awesome). zockster.com, $16
  7. Fancy Box Each month Fancy Box will be sending him the hippest t-shirt, coolest gadgets, and electronic accessories. fancy.com, $39 a month gets you $80 worth of goods.
  8. Mystery Tackle Box The name says it all, each month he’ll get box of top-quality fishing baits from amazing brands. mysterytacklebox.com, Prices vary … plans starting at $15