The outcry for healthy on-the-go food options in Shreveport-Bossier City has been heard — which is a relief because our twin cities are currently ranked 5th fattest in America according to WalletHub.

The high ranking shouldn’t surprise us — we know it’s the result of an unhealthy lifestyle including poor diet choices and inactivity. Our newsfeeds are inundated with quick tips and suggestions on packing a nutritious lunch. They are appreciated but not always practical. This is precisely why we need dining alternatives like The Green House Salad Co. — Shreveport’s new restaurant serving up fresh organic food offerings. Here are The 5 Green House Co. menu items that can help you simplify your healthy eating efforts.

  1. Signature Salads. The Green House Salad Co. has 10 uniquely crafted salads ready to order right off the menu. It’s perfect for those of us who become overwhelmed while mixing and matching fresh ingredients on our own. Try ‘The Border’ salad for a southwestern flavor complete with avocados. (Quick Tip: Add extra jalapeno slices for extra heat that works on your metabolism well pasted your lunch break.) ‘The Goddess’ enlists help from ancient power food quinoa and Greek favorites feta cheese and kalamata olives, both an excellent source of calcium. Check out the wide variety of dressing options.
  2. Create Your Own. We’ve already spoken for those who prefer to stick with the menu. However, to the confident ones who to take charge and pair ingredients to make their custom salad, the options are endless. You can even enjoy it as a stuffed pita. The Green House Salad Co. can accommodate ANY taste or dietary need.
  3. Infused Olive Oils and Balsamics. Infused foods are quickly garnering attention due to the ability to customize for an array of health benefits. The Green House Salad Co. has their own premium line of imported, infused olive oils and balsamics for a lighter option. We recommend the garlic infused olive oil for an extra boost in immune health.
  4. Protein + Vegan Options. You won’t find ham or turkey on their menu because of the chemical additives in the meats. The restaurant ensures that their chicken is steroid and antibiotic free. You have your choice of grilled chicken, red roasted chicken, pesto chicken or Asian chicken. The shrimp they serve is fresh Gulf shrimp that they boil in-house. Making their Cajun Shrimp option the real deal for us Louisianans. Grilled and pesto tofu is available as well for a vegan or meatless option.
  5. Cold-Pressed Juices. The fruits and veggies are also available for sipping. Grab a bottle of cold-pressed juice at The Green House Salad Co. and you will taste the difference. The fresh ingredients are slowly juiced without producing any heat to ensure the nutrients remain intact. Other beverage items like infused water, teas and lemonade give you tasty and refreshing alternatives to soft drinks and other wasted liquid calories.

The Green House Salad Co. is located at 7460 Youree Drive in Shreveport. Get it quickly to go, or enjoy in their urban, contemporary atmosphere. Stuck at the office and can’t get away? Open your WAITR app to have your The Green House Salad Co. order delivered to you and your coworkers.

These are just a few of our favorite menu items. Do you have others to add? Let us know in the comments.