Summer is the time of year filled with freedom, adventure and never-ending laziness. Why not do something memorable? Below are 15 suggestions that you can do to make the most out of your summer. Do them all before the Labor Day weekend and you’ll have created enough memories to last you through the winter.

  1. Eat something you have grown yourself.
    Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, jalapeños — you get the idea.
  2. Buy something at a roadside stand or farmers’ market.If you can’t grow it, at least support the local economy.
  3. Spend a day on a body of water. Whether it’s the beach, a river or a lake … relax and enjoy.
  4. Go on a picnic with your significant other. Preferably by way of boat.
  5. Grill something fun and unique. Buy The Way to Cook, by Julia Child. It allows you to understand the purpose of different cuts of meat. By summer’s end, the act of grilling will be a choice, not a chore.
  6. Master the art of sleeping in a hammock. Preferably overnight, under the stars.
  7. Read a book. Or three. Or five.
  8. Go deep into the woods and rent a cabin for the weekend. Get some altitude — where the temperature is often 10 degrees cooler. If the woods aren’t to your liking, there’s always the beach.
  9. Attend a musical festival. Remember to stay hydrated and wear sunscreen.
  10. Throw a block party. Invite all your friends and neighbors.
  11. Learn to make one summer cocktail very, very well. I recommend coming up with your own. If you can’t come up with one, use this recipe.
  12. Take a road trip just to eat one meal.
  13. Maine lobster, Maryland blue crabs, or Texas BBQ — pick a meal you can’t get locally and set out to find it.
  14. Visit a local brewery or vineyard. Believe-it-or-not, there are several of these in the SB area. Don’t forget to taste their goods.
  15. Go an entire day without looking at a phone, tablet, computer or TV. Yes, it can be done.
  16. Relax. And remember to enjoy all of summer’s simple pleasures.